Comfort and safety
Modern and spacious vehicle where comfort and security come together to meet their travel. Driver in possession of all drivers licenses and big experience.

Equipped with GPS and data-phone system, making it possible to reach any corner of the peninsula, and the payment by card.

Messaging Service
Collect and transport your medicines, documents or packages within a metropolitan area.

Airport - Rail Station
We take you or pick up from the airport or train station. Tell us your arrival time and promptly picked up. Large boot to carry all their luggage.

Service by time
Do you need a driver with extensive knowledge of the city? We are here to serve you. We will take you to destinations you tell us and we will wait for you while doing your business.

Service outside metropolitan area
We offer service outside the metropolitan area of Jerez. Avoid delays and arrive on time for your appointment.

Advertising service
See advertising rates. Use the side doors or rear window to advertise your company and get a high impact advertising.


Technical Sheet TDi/90 Skoda Octavia Tour 1.9 Tradition
Nº de cilindros
Cilindrada (cm3) 1.896
Alimentación Diesel: Gasóleo. Inyección: Directa. Inyector-bomba. Control de inyección: Electrónico. Compresor: Turbo variable. Intercooler: SI.

Potencia máxima (CV/rpm)
105 / 4.000
Par máximo (mkg/rpm) 25,51 / 1.900
Tracción Delantera
Caja de cambios Manual; 5 velocidades
Unión al suelo / Frenos / Neumáticos
Eje delantero Geometría: McPherson. Muelle helicoidal. Barra estabilizadora. Amortiguador: Hidráulico
Eje trasero Geometría: Multibrazo. Muelle helicoidal. Barra estabilizadora. Amortiguador: Hidráulico
Frenos del/tras Disco ventilado de mm / Disco de mm
Ayudas/Frenos Servofreno. ABS. MBA, MSR, ASR, EBD y ESP
Neumáticos 195/65 R 15
Berlina dos volúmenes y medio
Nº de plazas 5
Peso oficial (kg) 1.335
Depósito de combustible (litros) 55

Maletero (dm3)

Dimensiones (m): longitud/anchura/altura/batalla
4,569 / 1,769 / 1,462 / 2,578
Velocidad máxima (km/h)
Acel. 0 a 100 km/h (s) 12,2

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